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“Living in the south between downs and sea I am fascinated by the amazing skies, seascapes and landscapes that change before your eyes; much of my work is based on this phenomenon.

I love the colours and forms and have a strong interest in working the abstraction of both taking them back to their most simple forms and shapes using texture, brush marks and directions of paint.

Equally important to me is the texture of the surfaces used, be it papers, board, wood or canvas. I also love working with mixed media, putting oils and pastels together has a great result. 


I was intrigued by the use of the camera which I started using to record images for the studio but soon got caught up in the way I could use it for an instant composition.

I had been asked to produce cards of my work, so another form of expression was born."

Annie has exhibited widely in Galleries throughout the UK.

She has had commissions from the States, Spain Germany and France. She has had work accepted in many ‘open exhibitions’ including, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

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